Safecutter ‘Handy’ is a British made tool, made of robust recyclable plastic with a choice of blades (stainless steel or ceramic-coated). It is a two-way safe-cutter of anti-clog design ideal for lifting and separating the materials to be cut from the materials to be protected.

“Safecutter Handy” is a lift, separate, protect and cut tool, for materials ranging from plastic wrappings, straps, bands, string, tape and vinyl to pencil sharpening and even fish gutting!.

The “Safecutter Handy” casing is made of tough plastic and the blades are custom-made stainless steel. There is also a choice of ceramic-coated blades for heavy-duty use.

The handle is ergonomic to use and there is a blade cover and a hanging slot for easy and safe storage.

The enclosed and semi-circular cutting areas allow the “Safecutter Handy” to cut in safety, in any direction and at any angle. It also prevents the clogging-up of material inside the cutting areas of the tool.